Oasis Ex-Display

The Oasis Breeze House works really well in a small space. This petit garden building immediately adds charm, character and an enviable focal point to your garden.

The open sided structure naturally keeps this garden retreat clutter free and the rustic roof provides privacy if your garden is overlooked.

Picture yourself inside enjoying uninterrupted views of the garden serenaded by birdsong. Perfect as an urban or hidden Oasis for outdoor eating, afternoon snoozes and escaping it all.

£8,502 £6,121
  • Oasis Breeze House (including floor, handrails and timber lined roof with cape reed thatch tiles)
  • x1 Solid Canvas Panel (including straps and bungees)
  • x2 Half Clear Canvas Panels (including straps and bungees)
  • x1 Full Clear Canvas Panel (including straps and bungees)
  • 80cm Circular Dining Table
  • Curved Bench Set
  • Standard Cushion Set for Curved Benches


Price includes delivery, installation and VAT – Mainland UK only.

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