Savannah Ex-Display

Named after the tropical grasslands and wide-open skies of Africa, the Savannah Breeze House makes the perfect viewing platform to enjoy the changing seasons.

The perfect setting for lavish afternoon teas, barbecue feasts and moonlit suppers.

£12,277 £8,839
  • Savannah Breeze House (including floor, handrails and timber lined roof with cape reed thatch tiles)
  • x1 Solid Canvas Panel (including straps and bungees)
  • x2 Half Clear Canvas Panels (including straps and bungees)
  • x1 Full Clear Canvas Panel (including straps and bungees)
  • 120cm Circular Dining Table
  • Curved Bench Set
  • Luxury Cushion Set for Curved Benches
  • Entrance Curved Stool
  • Luxury Cushion for Entrance Curved Stool


Price includes delivery, installation and VAT – Mainland UK only.

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